PMT Maintenance Kits

Brake Service Products

Vehicle owners' highest valued issues for their cars are safety and dependability.

Being able to stop is obviously a primary safety concern and brake services is one of the primary generator of sales and profits for repair facilities.

Liberty Automotive Technologies offers innovative brake products (European DOT 4 high boiling point brake fluid, Silencer brake quiet, brake soap), and standard items (brake clean, DOT 4 fluid).

Radiator Products

The failure of the engine cooling system is one of the most common causes of breakdowns on the side of the road.  Liberty has premium coolant additives and flush kits.   

Transmission Products

Liberty Automotive Technologies has developed a safe flush product for automatic transmissions and a concentrated ATF additive to provide protection for the system seals.

Steering Products

Liberty Automotive Technologies offers three different power sterring fluids:  basic amber power steering fluid, ATF4 compatible fluid and a premium fluid for use with European luxury brands.

Fluid Testing

The most basic truth is that most shops struggle with selling fluid maintenance services.  Using just a mileage estimate to change fluid means that a lot of bad fluid remains in vehicles too long and a lot of good fluid is unnecesarily removed (at the expense of the customer's wallet and your reputation).

Liberty recommends the Fluid Rx products for our installers to KNOW what fluid needs to be changed.  

Fluid Rx should be used by every shop as part of their inspection process.  You should KNOW all of the available work on your customers' cars.

The bottom line is that if you show something broken on a customer's car they will agree to have it fixed - it is just a question of whether you will identify the problem for them and ask for the work.


Liberty Automotive Technologies knows that it is difficult to find good training materials and it is difficult for you to find the time to engage in the training yourself.

LAT constantly reviews training materials available and incorporates the best into the materials and training that we provide our customers.

Liberty does not charge you for these materials or training because our success is based on your success.