the original gdi solution

An award-winning, patent-pending solution for the GDI deposit issues is now here.

PFT is a leader in the development of fuel service technologies.  PFT offers the most complete line of fuel system cleaners, tools, equipment and information support.


One important point that we want to make at the beginning is that our machine is a necessary service to deal with deposits caused by OIL BREAKDOWN!  Please read our section on our Bizol product line. 

The patent-pending IC-2 allows you to perform the most effective induction and fuel rail services.  The IC-2 represents a breakthrough in terms of effectiveness in removing deposits, productivity for technicians, and safety for technicians and vehicles.  IC-2 offers the following innovations:  

Field-Driven Design

- Thermo-Cyclic Cleaning – the machine is programmed to repeatedly create thermal shocking of the deposits on the intake and valves.  Thermal shock creates cracks in the deposits that allow the cleaners to better penetrate the deposit structures to improve effectiveness.      

 - Clean and Wash – The same cleaner that is good at softening hard deposits is not good removing the soft deposits.  Like using soap (surfactant) AND water (solvent) to clean your hands, the Purus system provides both.       

- Cleaner Scripting – IC-2 will alternate between the cleaners.  Like washing your hands, alternating between soap and water multiple times is the most effective way to clean.       

- Hydro-Safe Protection – when performing an induction cleaning service a vehicle will sometimes move to a stall condition.  If the cleaner continues to be sprayed into the intake after the stall, a non-compressible liquid can then accumulate on top of the piston head.  If the engine is started the piston will impact the head and cause serious mechanical damage.  

The IC-2 is designed to not allow this to happen.       The bottom line is that the IC-2 allows for the cleaners to be much more effective and to dramatically increase the safety for the vehicle.        We take not credit for the excellence of our designs - the mechanics that work on cars every day were the ones that provided every idea that we incorporated.

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IC-2 Overview Video with Boring Presenter - Use Caffeine

PFT IC-2 Operations Video

How to perform a PFT IC-2 Induction Service