Chi Services

Chi QA Air Quality Service

For over 8 years the Chi QA product has been an important cleaner for the mold that grows within the evaporator of a vehicle's air conditioning system.  The service is popular with customers, has a low price point and a high sales rate and a high effective labor rate.

Liberty Automotive technologies provides installers with state of the art  ultrasonic fogging machines to perform the service.

Chi Used Car Program

Smoke or other odors in a car can reduce its resale value by $1,500 or more.  Chi has developed the industry-best combination of cleaners, delivery methods, fragrances, and systems to revove odors and to recover the value of the vehicle (car, semi, RV, etc.).  Our system is so good that we offer the "We Own the Odor" guarantee.  Once we do a vehicle we guarantee that it won't come back or we do it for free. 

Fragrance Products

Having a sanitized space brings some peace of mind but fragrances have a direct effect on how you feel.

Chi has worked with a leading fragrance company to develop a range of esential oil fragrances for our customers.

Popular options include Clean Fresh, Jasmine, Apple, Leather, Mint & Ivy.

Home Services

Over time your home can become unpleasant in terms of allergens, mold and other microorganisms.

We can do single rooms or whole houses to santize all hard surfaces, inside soft surfaces and the air in the home.

At no extra charge we can provide a fragrance of your choice.


Shutting up your RV for an extended period of time can create a musty odor.  Cooking mistakes or just body and pet odor over time can cause a less than pleasant recreation time.  That can be quickly rectified with a Chi service that can be completed in under 3 hours.


Putting your cabin cruiser under wraps for the off-season creates the conditions for less than enjoyable odors.

We can sanitize and deordorize the cabin so that your guests enjoy below deck as much as above deck.